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Summary of Representative Appellate Law Experience

List of representative cases for all of the areas of civil law where Ms. Tompkins has successfully represented clients’ appeals.

2021/2018 Ortega v. Martin Personal Injury Recovery Based on Failure to Warn

2020 Vukanovich v. Kine (II) Construction Contract Dispute – Oregon Civil Procedure

2017 Bergstrom v. Assocs. For Women’s Health Medical Malpractice – Exclusion of Expert Testimony

2016 Porter and Porter Family Law – Validity of Prenuptial Agreement

2015 Vukanovich v. Kine (I) Construction Contract Dispute – Civil Procedure

2015 Ajir v. Buell Statutory interpretation – County as Self-insurer

2014 Patton v. Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Interpretation of Insurance Contract

2013 Holdner v. Pardue Liability of Trustee for Breach of Trust

2013 Lindell v. Kalugin Writ of Mandamus

2012 In re Pac Equity Securities Litigation Securities Fraud Class Action

2011 Norris v. Laney Non-Liability of LLC Members

2009 Vaughn v. First Transit Alleged Agent of a Public Body based on Contract

2004/2002 Black v. Arizala Oregon Securities, RICO and Fraud

2004 Rew v. LaGrande Sch. Dist. Personal Injury, Sexual Abuse

2003 Bell v. Clackamas County Civil Rights

2001 McComb v. Tamlyn Personal Injury – Government Immunity Defense

2000-2001 Rosted v. First USA Bank Securities Fraud Class Action

1998 Becker v. North’s Restaurants, Inc. Commercial Law

1997 Jones v. General Motors Civil Procedure